Oil & Gas Terms in Category T



True vertical depth.

Tertiary recovery

An enhanced recovery process that goes beyond water or gas flooding.

It may involve steam, fire, chemicals, miscible gases, bacteria or other techniques.

Temperature gradient

The rate of increase of temperature per unit of depth.

Varies in the world with geothermal activity.

Usually between 1.1 and 2.2+ of/100 ft.

Total gor

Gor that includes solution and free gas from the reservoir.

Tubing anchor

A device that holds the lower end of a tubing string in place by means of slips, used to prevent tubing movement when no packer is present.

Tubing hanger

An arrangement of slips and packing rings used to suspend tubing from a tubing head.


A complete break in pipe caused by metal fatigue.

V: to break something in two or to break apart, such as the head of a bolt or the drill stem.

Trip margin

The small amount of additional mud weight carried over that needed to balance formation pressure to overcome the pressure-reduction effects caused by swabbing when a trip out of the hole is made.

Truck-mounted rig

A well-servicing and workover rig that is mounted on a truck chassis.

Tubular goods

Any kind of pipe.

Oilfield tubular goods include tubing, casing, drill pipe, and line pipe.

Also called tubulars.

Tubing elevators

A damping apparatus used to pull tubing.

The elevators latch onto the pipe just below the top collar.

The elevators are attached to the hook by steel links or bails.

Tubing tongs

Large wrenches used to break out and make up tubing.

They may be operated manually, hydraulically, or pneumatically.

Tubing head

A flanged fitting that supports the tubing string, seals off pressure between the casing and the outside of the tubing, and provides a connection that supports the christmas tree.

Tubing job

The act of pulling tubing out of and running it back into a well.

Triplex pump

A reciprocating pump with three pistons or plungers