Oil & Gas Terms in Category P

Poor boy

Homemade; something done on a shoestring basis.

Pressure gauge

An instrument that measures fluid pressure and usually registers the difference between atmospheric pressure and the pressure of the fluid by indicating the effect of such pressures on a measuring element (e.g., a column of liquid, pressure in a bourdon tube, a weighted piston, or a diaphragm).

Propping agent

A granular substance (sand grains, aluminum pellets, or other material) that is carried in suspension by the fracturing fluid and that serves to keep the cracks open when fracturing fluid is withdrawn after a fracture treatment.



The extent of a petroleum-bearing formation.


The activities associated with petroleum development in an area.

Poppet valve

A device that controls the rate of flow of fluid in a line or opens or shuts off the flow of fluid completely.

When open, the sealing surface of the valve is moved away from a seat; when closed, the sealing surface contacts the seat to shut off flow.

The direction of movement of the valve is usually perpendicular to the seat.

Poppet valves are used extensively as pneumatic (air) controls on drilling rigs and as intake and exhausts valves in most internal-combustion engines.

Pay sand

The producing formation, often one that is not even sandstone.

Also called pay, pay zone, and producing zone.

Pdc log

Abbreviation: perforating depth control log

Plug-back cementing

A secondary-cementing operation in which a plug of cement is positioned at a specific point in the well and allowed to set.

Pit-volume recorder

The gauge at the driller’s position that records data from the pit-level indicator.


Abbreviation: plug and abandon



Generic term for any compound that contains phosphorous and oxygen in the form of a phosphate

A salt or ester of phosphoric acid


A saturated aliphatic hydrocarbon

Pilot hole

In pipeline construction, the hole drilled as the first step of a directionally drilled river crossing.

It establishes a pathway for the pipeline.

Packing elements

The set of dense rubber, washer-shaped pieces encircling a packer, which are designed to expand against casing or formation face to seal off the annulus.

Ph value

A unit of measure of the acid of alkaline condition of a substance.

A neutral solution (such as pure water) has a ph of 7; add solutions are less than 7; basic, or alkaline, solutions are more than 7.

The ph scale is a logarithmic scale.

A substance with a ph of 4 is more than twice as add as a substance with a ph of 5.

Similarly, a substance with a ph of 9 is more than twice as alkaline as a substance with a ph of 8.