Oil & Gas Terms in Category J

Junk basket

May also be called a jet basket: a device with nozzles and a basket or catch basin to catch smaller pieces of junk stirred up by circulation.

Jack knife rig

A rig with a folding mast that can be lowered and raised relatively quickly.


See bit nozzle.


A single length (30 feet or 9 meters) of drill pipe, drill collar, casing, or tubing that has threaded connections at both ends.

Several joints screwed together constitute a stand of pipe.

Jack board

A device used to support the end of a length of pipe while another length is being screwed on


A jackup drilling rig.

Jackup drilling rig

A mobile bottom-supported offshore drilling structure with columnar or open-truss legs that support the deck and hull.

When positioned over the drilling site, the bottoms of the legs rest on the seafloor.

A jackup rig is towed or propelled to a location w