Oil & Gas Terms in Category P

Plunger lift

A method of lifting oil using a swab or free piston propelled by compressed gas from the lower end of the tubing string to the surface.


Any object or device that blocks a hole or passageway (such as a cement plug in a borehole).

Pole mast

A portable mast constructed of tubular members.

A pole mast may be a single pole, usually one or two different sizes of pipe telescoped together to be moved or extended and locked to obtain maximum height above a well.

Double-pole masts give added strength and stability.

See mast.

Pay zone

See pay sand

Pressure control

Commonly referred to as snubbing; running of tool and/or pulling of tubing under well pressure.


Having the capability of changing apparent viscosity with a change in shear rate.

Pseudoplastic fluids gain viscosity when subjected to a decrease in shear rate, and lose viscosity when the shear rate is increased.

See shear.

Polymer mud

A drilling mud to which a polymer has been added to increase the viscosity of the mud.


A minute unit of matter, usually a single crystal, or of regular shape with a specific gravity approximately that of a single crystal


A cylindrical or spherical device that is affixed to the end of a wireline just above the hook to keep the line straight and to provide weight.

V: to soak metal pieces in a chemical solution to remove dirt and scale from the metal’s surface.

Pilot mill

A special mill that has a heavy tubular extension below it called a pilot or stinger.

The pilot, smaller in diameter than the mill, is designed to go inside drill pipe or tubing that is lost in the hole.

It guides the mill to the top of the pipe and centers it, thus preventing the mill from bypassing the pipe.

Also called a piloted mill.


Abbreviation: the phenolphthalein alkalinity of the filtrate, reported as the number of milliliters of 0.02 normal (n/50) acid required per milliliter of filtrate to reach the phenolphthalein end point.


A system of allocating production on a per well basis.

Plug back

To shut off lower formation in a well bore.


Abbreviation: a generic term for pressure setting assembly; a tool that is used to set permanent tools on electric wireline, through explosive force.


Abbreviation: polished bore receptacle, a section in the casing string to facilitate landing of the production tubing (casing).