Oil & Gas Terms in Category L

Lay barge

A barge used in the construction and placement of underwater pipelines.

Joints of pipe are welded together and then lowered off the stern of the barge as it moves ahead.

Lazy board

See jack board.


Lease automatic custody transfer, possible where measuring equipment installed at the point of transfer from lease to pipeline is so completely automated as not to require any manual activity or witnesses.

Lease condensate

A natural gas liquid recovered from gas well gas (associated and non-associated) in lease separators of field facilities.

Load binder

Chain or rope used to tie down loads of equipment, or the “boomer” used to tighten the chains.


A systematic recording of data, such as a a driller’s log, mud log, electrical well log, or radioactivity log.

Many different logs are run in wells to obtain various characteristics of downhole formations.

Live oil

(1) separating casinghead gas from produced crude oil and water at the temperature and pressure conditions of the separator; and
(2) separating gas from that portion of associated and non-associated gas which liquefies at temperature and pressure conditions of the separator.
oil that contains gas.


The place at which a well is to be or has been drilled.