Oil & Gas Terms in Category G

Gin-pole truck

A truck equipped with a pair of poles, and hoisting equipment for use in lifting heavy machinery around a lease.

Gauge ring

A cylindrical metal ring used to guide, and centralize, packers or tools inside casing.


A device used to form a seal around a reciprocating or rotating rod (as in a pump) to prevent fluid leakage.

Specifically, the movable part of a stuffing box by which the packing is compressed.

Get a bite

To set tools in casings.

Gauge trip

Running of a gauge on tubing or slickline to verify casing dimensions.

Girth or girt

One of the horizontal braces between the legs of a derrick.

Gas plant products

Natural gas liquids recovered from natural gas in gas processing plant and, in some situations, from field facilities.


Pressure drop


Grains per gallon

Gas-oil ratio

A measure of the volume of gas produced with oil, expressed in cubic feet per barrel of cubic meters per tonne.


Any material (i.e., paper, cork, asbestos, or rubber) used to seal two essentially stationary surfaces.

Gathering lines

The flow lines which run from several wells to a single tank battery.

Gate valve

A valve that employs a sliding gate to open or close the passage in it.

Gas drive

The use of the energy that raises from the expansion of compressed gas in a reservoir to move crude oil to a wellbore.

Also call reservoir drive mechanism.


Damage to steel surfaces caused by friction and improper lubrication.